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Read write API

Page history last edited by Xavier Damman 10 years, 6 months ago

We are thrilled to announce that we are working on a read/write API.


This API will allow you to use Publitweet as a curation platform.


Here are the first set of methods that will be available shortly


  • /$curator/$feed/sources/[add,remove,mute,unmute]($screen_name).json
  • /$curator/$feed/tweets/[add,remove,feature,unfeature,annotate]($tweet_id).json
  • /$curator/$feed/[create($feedname),drop].json
  • /$curator/$feed/[latest,featured]($since_id,$max_id,$keywords,$blacklist,$page,$limit,$type).json
  • /$curator/feeds.json


How to read this?


  • $x are variables
  • [x1,x2] are two different possible values
  • ($x1,$x2) are two optional options



Can be called by calling:



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